Laser Vaporization for Prostate Enlargement

This can be under several different names including Green Light Laser, Evolve Laser, Holmium Laser, and Cyber Laser. All of these are done with slightly different machines, but the basic methodology is the same.

This is also done mostly under general anesthesia, in the hospital or outpatient surgery center. The instrument is passed through the urethra and using a laser fiber, the prostate enlargement is vaporized.

It takes approximately an hour to complete. At the time of the procedure, the lining of the urethra is vaporized together with the enlargement of the prostate. After the procedure is done, a Foley catheter is generally left in for one day or until the urine clears up. The catheter is removed either at home or in the office.

The patient should notice an improved urinary stream right away. However, because the lining of the prostate is vaporized, there is more healing that needs to occur and generally it takes about three to four weeks before the channel is healed. The patient should stay away from heavy physical activity for about three weeks after the procedure.